Wednesday, July 15, 2009

smelly morning

this morning when I carry my daughter to school , when we step out from the house we can smell a very smelly air , girl-girl ask me what is this smell? I said i do not know .. actually this smelly air is start from two day before ....... I remember that day I came back around 11pm, when I step out from the car I smell this, I felt something was wrong with the air , I try to find out what is it , where the smell came from , but can not get it . I went back home and ask my hubby can he smell it too , he said maybe is the rubbish from outside , I said maybe . But is already 2 days gone , the smell still they, today more disgusting, some more raining this morning , after back home I start vomit .. Alamak what it is ... can not tahan !

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